President Dr Arif Alvi accepted the resignation of Supreme Court’s Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi due to alleged misconduct. He was facing a Supreme Judicial Council inquiry and had submitted his resignation citing public knowledge and record. His application was accepted by the president based on the retiring age of the Constitution. Justice Naqvi had earlier moved several applications that were not decided, leading to his resignation. The SJC had issued a show-cause notice to him in response to allegations and directed him to respond within a specified time. However, Justice Naqvi challenged the proceedings against him and expressed his disagreement with the process. Another judge also disagreed with the manner in which the proceedings were conducted. The judge had filed a detailed response to the show-cause notice and declared the allegations to be without merit. Despite his objection, the SJC rejected a request to stay the proceedings against him. It was reported that some members of the SJC regretted the hasty and non-permissible proceedings. Early references were filed against him after his name surfaced in connection with an alleged audio leak. These references resulted in the initiation of the inquiry against him.

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