The content talks about a peaceful protest by people from Balochistan who have lost loved ones to enforced disappearance. They faced mistreatment and police brutality during their march to the capital. The issue of missing persons and enforced disappearances remains unresolved, despite efforts by the families and organizations. The caretaker Prime Minister’s remarks on the issue are also discussed, highlighting a lack of understanding and empathy from the state.

The article emphasizes the need for the state to address the legitimate grievances of its citizens. It also encourages people to speak out about this issue, show compassion to the affected families, and stand up for their rights. The writer uses a poet’s couplet to reflect on the current situation and the need for reconciliation.

The main message is that the state must listen to and address the grievances of its citizens, and people need to show support and empathy towards the affected families. There is also a call for upholding fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and advocating for justice and transparency.

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