The article discusses whether learning to be a good writer is still important in the age of artificial intelligence (A.I.). The writer, Frank Bruni, argues that good writing is still crucial because it helps communicate ideas effectively, sharpen thinking, and convey seriousness. He also emphasizes the importance of practicing writing for personal reflection and to make sense of life. The students are invited to share their opinions on various questions related to their writing and use of A.I. tools, and whether they believe effective writing is still necessary in the age of A.I. The aim is to provoke discussion about the role of writing and A.I. in education and communication. The students encouraged to comment on the topic, with the opportunity for their comments to be published. The main focus is whether learning to be a good writer is still important in the times of advanced A.I., and how educators should adapt their teaching methods to incorporate technological advancements. Additionally, Mr. Bruni provides a bonus question, inviting students to share sentences that particularly stood out to them.

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