The CEO of HD Hyundai announced the company’s shift to becoming a technology-driven construction solutions provider at CES 2024. The initiative, known as Xite Transformation, aims to modernize construction sites using smart, autonomous, and eco-friendly technologies. The company plans to integrate AI software called X-Wise and X-Wise Xite into its next-generation products to enhance safety and efficiency. These technologies will enable autonomous operation, predictive maintenance, and real-time data-driven decision-making for construction equipment. HD Hyundai also revealed plans to create a global ecosystem for open innovation and partnerships with industry leaders like Google to leverage AI and Google Cloud capabilities. Additionally, the company aims to introduce environmentally friendly technologies, such as hydrogen-powered equipment. HD Hyundai’s vision for Xite Transformation aligns with its previous Ocean Transformation vision, which focuses on creating eco-friendly, efficient ships with advanced technologies. Overall, the company aims to lead a pivotal change in the construction industry by fostering global partnerships and innovation.

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