SK Group’s pavilion at CES 2024 in Las Vegas resembled a Disney-like theme park. It showcased the conglomerate’s commitment to a “net-zero world” through advanced technologies. The exhibition booth was divided into five sections, featuring eco-friendly tickets and a spherical LED screen. Visitors experienced a “Magic Carpet” ride and a “Train Adventure” showcasing SK’s hydrogen ecosystem. The “AI Fortune Teller” and “Dancing Car” zones demonstrated the company’s memory chip and EV battery solutions. Additionally, the “Rainbow Tube” displayed SK’s global recycling efforts. The content aimed to offer an enjoyable, yet educational experience about SK’s innovative technologies and solutions. Visitors were impressed by the showcase of EV technologies and recycling efforts, expressing interest and understanding of SK’s contributions to powering EVs. The pavilion captured the imagination of the visitors, offering insight into the group’s pursuit of a clean, carbon-neutral future through a fun and enjoyable experience.

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