Taiwan authorities arrested Lin Hsien-yuan, an online journalist from Fingermedia, for allegedly faking a poll that showed a pro-China candidate in the lead for the presidential election. They accused Lin of pretending to conduct phone interviews with citizens and fabricating false popularity polls. The Chinese government is believed to have orchestrated this disinformation campaign to influence the election, using tactics such as spreading fake news and discrediting opposition candidates. Meanwhile, Chinese bots and social media platforms like TikTok are also being used to amplify anti-DPP content. Chinese propaganda aims to portray DPP leaders as reckless warmongers and to sway public opinion against them. Additionally, there have been cases of deepfake videos and arrests of individuals suspected of taking money from Chinese agents. The use of disinformation and propaganda by China poses a threat to Taiwan’s democratic processes and has wider implications for global powers like the US.

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