The Peshawar High Court has declared that the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to revoke the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s ‘bat’ electoral symbol and reject its intra-party polls is unconstitutional. The court has directed the ECP to return the bat symbol to PTI and upload the party’s certificate of internal elections on its website. PTI has withdrawn its petition from the Supreme Court and hopes for a fair verdict from the PHC.

The background of the case includes the PTI’s intra-party elections, which were held on December 2, and the ECP’s decision to nullify the elections, making PTI ineligible for its traditional electoral symbol of ‘bat’. The ECP cited non-compliance with electoral laws and rejected the PTI’s chairman certificate and Form-65.

The PTI’s intra-party elections had drawn criticism, with allegations of a selection process to remove party workers and give control to a few lawyers. The PHC’s decision to suspend the ECP’s revocation of the bat symbol was later challenged by the ECP.

Overall, the PHC’s recent declaration was in favor of PTI, and the party is hopeful to regain its electoral symbol through legal proceedings.

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