Valve has issued new rules about how game developers can publish games that use AI technology on Steam. They are making changes to how games that use AI technology are handled. Developers must now disclose when their games use AI. The changes aim to increase transparency and protect against risks, and allow customers to make informed choices about whether to buy a game with AI technology. Developers must disclose when games contain pre-generated content created with the help of AI and detail safety measures for live AI-generated content. Players will be able to see if a game contains AI and report illegal AI-generated content. The new rules come after complaints about Valve rejecting games with AI generated assets. Valve clarified that they are not trying to discourage AI use but are working to integrate it into their review policies. They added that their review process reflects current copyright law and policies. The blog post suggests that Valve’s rules around AI generated content will likely change as the technology and legal framework evolves, and they will revisit the decision when necessary.

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