Linköping University researchers found that just 11 proteins can predict long-term disability in MS patients. These proteins could help tailor treatments to patients’ specific needs. They recommend measuring these proteins in cerebrospinal fluid to better understand the disease’s severity. MS varies between patients, so early, effective treatment is important. The team analyzed 1,500 proteins in 92 MS patients’ samples. They identified 11 proteins that can predict disease progression.

They also found that a protein called NfL is a reliable biomarker for short-term disease activity. The combination of proteins identified in the patient group was confirmed in a separate patient group. The study used a highly sensitive technology to measure these proteins.

The study was funded by various research foundations. The research could lead to better treatments and outcomes for MS patients. It’s important for patients to receive the right treatment early on to prevent long-term disability. The study was published in Nature Communications.

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