Electric vehicle (EV) owners are more likely to also have solar panels on their homes, while the impact of owning solar panels on buying an electric vehicle is not as strong. A study of 869 households in the San Francisco Bay Area found that EV owners may be more likely to invest in solar panels because it can offset the energy bill needed to charge their cars. The study, published in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, found a correlation between owning EVs and solar panels. The researchers also noted that knowing someone who owns these technologies can influence a person’s decision to adopt them. The study suggests that policies to accelerate the acceptance of both EVs and PVs, along with more holistic surveys, are needed to achieve decarbonization goals. The research was funded by the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office. The researchers also revisited the topic with a newly released 2022 Residential Energy Consumption survey and found that the relationship between EVs and PV systems might still hold true. PV technology has been around longer and is less costly than most EVs. The study suggests that incentives could encourage EV owners to adopt solar technology earlier.

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