In the summer of 2022, astronomers found the most powerful fast radio burst (FRB) ever observed. They located it halfway back to the Big Bang, which makes it the farthest known FRB. When observing the FRB, the researchers discovered that it did not come from just one galaxy, but from a group of at least seven galaxies. This was unusual, and it challenges the current understanding of how FRBs are created.

The FRB was extremely energetic and originated when the universe was just 5 billion years old. They used images from the Hubble Space Telescope to make these findings. This is an important discovery because FRBs have only been detected in a few galaxies, making this birthplace unique.

FRBs are mysterious phenomena that astronomers are still trying to understand, but by revealing their true nature, we can learn more about the universe. To continue exploring FRBs, astronomers need to detect and study more of them using new technology that is becoming increasingly sensitive. This study was supported by organizations including the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

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