The value of the Pakistani rupee has been going up, so exporters are selling their dollars in the bank. This is keeping the exchange rate stable. There is also hope for more investment with the Special Investment Facilitation Council. The State Bank of Pakistan’s reserves are increasing, and the IMF is responding positively. Business delegations from Gulf countries are visiting Pakistan to explore investment opportunities. There is confidence in the new Special Investment Facilitation Council, which can make decisions that cannot be challenged in court. Foreign investors are interested in agriculture in Pakistan. Currency dealers are saying that the exchange rate is stable, and there are no illegal money transactions. The secretary general of the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan says that the stable exchange rate and crackdown on illegal money businesses are supporting the local currency. Exchange companies are selling a lot of dollars to the banks. The decline in trade and current account deficits is helping the economy. The financial sector believes that the current account deficit will not be more than $4 billion in this fiscal year.

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