The content discusses the similarities between the British rule in India and the denial of freedom to Palestinians by Israelis and their Western supporters. It examines the armed anti-colonial struggle in British India and compares it to the situation in Palestine. The article discusses historical events, revolutionaries like Khudiram Bose and Surya Sen, and their impact on the struggle for independence. It also explores the parallels between the experiences of colonialism in Palestine and the subcontinent. The article emphasizes the role of armed resistance in the Independence movements in both regions. The content also highlights the significance of these revolutionary figures, their impact on the political landscape, and the influence of armed resistance in both historical contexts. It discusses the complex dynamics of colonialism, anti-colonialism, and the concepts of terrorism and freedom fighters within the context of the struggles in India and Palestine. The article also touches upon the symbolic significance of these resistance movements and their enduring impact on the political and social landscapes.

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