Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, claimed that an essay published by The Economist under his name was actually written by artificial intelligence, not by him. The essay expressed concerns about upcoming elections, but some doubted whether Khan had written it himself. The caretaker Information Minister also claimed that the essay was not written by Khan. However, sources close to Khan said the content was based on facts he had shared with visitors in prison. Digital rights expert, Usama Khilji, expressed doubt about Khan’s claim that the essay was AI-generated. Meanwhile, PTI’s social media team used the essay to highlight the party’s struggles. In a separate matter, the Election Commission of Pakistan accepted a large number of PTI candidates for upcoming elections. The Chief Justice of Pakistan cautioned PTI’s lawyers against making accusations at the ECP without proof. PTI’s lawyers claimed that their candidates were being unfairly treated and requested the restoration of the party’s iconic bat symbol. The apex court has scheduled a hearing for PTI’s petition for January 11.

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