A new rocket named Vulcan, built by United Launch Alliance, is set to launch toward the moon from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The launch will take place at 2:18 am Eastern time on Monday and it will be broadcast on NASA Television starting at 1:30 am. The rocket was powered up and the mission’s countdown is proceeding smoothly, with an 85% chance of favorable weather.

The mission is taking Astrobotic’s Peregrine, a robotic spacecraft, to land on the near side of the moon. The Vulcan rocket, built by United Launch Alliance, will replace the company’s current rockets and aims to carry Space Force payloads to orbit. The rocket is causing controversy due to the inclusion of human ashes and DNA aboard the Peregrine lander, sparking objections from the Navajo Nation. Astrobotic has stated that they hope to find a good way forward with the Navajo Nation.

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