Samsung’s third-generation QD-OLED TV, the new S95D, has a unique glare-free display that prevents reflections when watching TV. This technology includes a specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern which delivers the detail of OLED without the glare. The TV is also the brightest OLED screen from Samsung yet and supports refresh rates up to 144Hz. At CES 2024, Samsung showcased the glare-free OLED screen, demonstrating its effectiveness. In addition to the glare-free display, the TV offers quantum dot OLED benefits and is under 11 millimeters thin. It runs the latest version of Tizen software and supports Samsung TV Plus FAST service. Samsung is also unveiling the S90D OLED, which lacks the glare-free finish but still provides top-notch QD-OLED picture quality. However, these models continue to lack Dolby Vision, instead favoring HDR10 and HDR10 Plus.

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