At CES 2024, LG unveiled the OLED Signature T, a transparent TV that can morph into a regular OLED with the push of a button. However, the TV lacks some technology found in LG’s best conventional OLEDs. Despite the transparency mode’s cool effects, the TV’s practicality might wear off quickly for some people. The OLED T runs a unique webOS interface and includes many optimized widgets for its see-through display. The TV also includes down-firing speakers beneath the display, and all video and audio are received from LG’s Zero Connect Box, which can be positioned as far as 30 feet away. LG plans to ship the OLED T this year, but the price is uncertain. While the TV is a fascinating novelty, it doesn’t solve any real problems in the TV landscape. The fundamental question remains – who is the OLED Signature T really for? Despite the high cost and the unclear timeframe, LG’s unveiling of the transparent TV is proof that a longtime CES gimmick is finding its way into a real product.

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