The initial public offering (IPO) market is expected to improve this year due to positive market expectations. Major companies like LS Materials and DS Dansuk have already made successful deals, and other big companies like Posbank, Pinkfong Company, CJ Olive Young,, and Viva Republica are planning to go public. Eugene Investment & Securities predicts that 140-150 companies will debut in the stock market this year, with an estimated total value of 8-10.5 trillion won.

Posbank, a point-of-sales and kiosk terminal manufacturer, is the first runner for the 2024 IPO, while The Pinkfong Company is a unicorn valued at over 1 trillion won. Retail giants like CJ Olive Young and are also planning to make their market debuts, and fintech app Toss operator Viva Republica aims to reach decacorn status with a corporate valuation of over $10 billion.

The IPO market is looking positive for this year, with hopes for a turnaround in major economies’ monetary policy. Retail and tech giants are expected to make their market debuts, which reflects growing optimism in the IPO market.

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