The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has asked the Supreme Court to let them withdraw their appeal against former party chief Imran Khan’s disqualification. They want the appeal to be transferred from the Islamabad High Court to the Lahore High Court. They say that the Lahore High Court is also dealing with a similar case.

The PTI wants the Supreme Court to either allow the appeal to be withdrawn or transfer the case to the Lahore High Court. Imran Khan was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan for making false statements in the Toshakhana reference. The PTI argues that no one’s rights have been affected by the withdrawal and that the concept of “forum shopping” does not apply in this case.

They have also explained that a similar case has been filed in the Lahore High Court and that both courts have the jurisdiction to hear this case. They want the Supreme Court to accept their plea and set aside the decision of the Islamabad High Court.

The Islamabad High Court had rejected a previous plea to withdraw the appeal, but the PTI argues that no rights have been acquired by the respondents and that the withdrawal would not affect anyone’s rights. They believe that this is the right of the party and that no court should insist on hearing the case.

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