The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is upset that India has not been designated as a “Country of Particular Concern (CPC)” by the US State Department. They want a congressional hearing on this issue. The US Secretary of State has given this designation to other countries but not to India, even though India has violated religious freedom. USCIRF has shared its recommendations about India with the State Department and Congress. They reject the State Department’s decision to leave India out. They will continue to push for religious freedom to be a priority in US foreign policy. USCIRF also reported that India has been targeting religious minorities, and many agencies have accused the Indian government of involvement in killings and plots against Sikh activists. USCIRF has observed that religious freedom conditions in India have been getting worse, especially for Muslims. The BJP-led Indian government has enacted a law that only provides citizenship to non-Muslim migrants, leaving millions of Muslims at risk of detention and deportation. USCIRF wants to make sure that the US government takes action on this issue.

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