The Sindh health department in Pakistan has confirmed two cases of Covid-19 in passengers who arrived at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. While the variant is yet to be determined, officials suspect it to be the highly transmissible JN.1 variant. The two male passengers arrived from Bangkok and Jeddah and were found positive for Covid-19 with the help of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). Their samples have been sent for analysis to determine the exact variant. The new variant is said to be highly contagious. However, the passengers were allowed to leave for their hometowns after being advised to quarantine themselves. The NCOC has advised the screening of inbound travelers at international airports and border entry points. According to experts, the JN.1 variant is more transmissible than other circulating variants and accounts for 60% of all cases being reported in the US. It is recommended to enforce preventive measures, including wearing face masks, social distancing, and ensuring hand hygiene. A booster vaccine dose is also recommended.

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