A new resolution was submitted in the Senate, emphasising the need to adhere to “constitutional requirements” and ensure the timely conduct of the polls. The resolution was passed the day after the Senate adopted a resolution seeking delay in the general elections due to security concerns. PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan opposed the resolution, which was moved by independent Senator Dilawar Khan during a session with only 15 lawmakers in attendance. Later, the passage of the resolution was criticised by various political parties, and the caretaker information minister insisted that there was no directive for the delay. JI Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan submitted a fresh resolution in the Senate secretariat, urging that polls should be conducted on time. The inclusion of the resolution in the agenda of the upcoming session of the Senate remains uncertain. The JI senator’s resolution emphasised that the Senate lacked the authority to act contrary to constitutional mandates and called for the insistence on free and fair elections in accordance with the directives of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Senator Dilawar denied that he presented the resolution for poll delay at someone’s direction and stated that extensive consultations had taken place on the matter. BAP Secretary-General Senator Manzoor Kakar called on all political parties to support the resolution passed by the Senate.

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