The content is about China overtaking Tesla as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle brand and its increased use of renewable energy. China’s share of renewable energy capacity reached about 50% of its total generation capacity in 2023. Renewable energy capacity surpassed that of coal power for the first time. China’s advances in clean tech and its commitment to renewable energy have global implications, as it is the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. China’s state-owned enterprises are accelerating the adoption of clean tech, and China is on track to shatter its target of installing 1,200GW of solar and wind energy capacity by 2030. China’s growing prowess in clean tech brings up concerns for the US and Europe that they may become reliant on a strategic rival for key renewable technologies. Instead of knee-jerk protectionism, they should nurture their own green sectors through incentives, faster planning procedures, and investment in infrastructure. China’s green advances should be seen as positive for China and the world.

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