The Senate in Pakistan passed a resolution to delay the elections scheduled for February 8. The ruling PTI party and others criticized this resolution and called on the Supreme Court to enforce its orders and prevent any delay in the elections. The PPP party vowed to probe why their senator did not oppose the resolution and distanced themselves from his stance. The PML-N party also opposed any delay in the elections and called the resolution a conspiracy. The Jamaat-i-Islami leader said postponing elections would be a conspiracy against the country and democracy. The caretaker information minister clarified that there were no official instructions to delay the polls and the Election Commission of Pakistan would have the final say.

Despite the resolution, the ruling parties and others are against any delay in the elections. The resolution has caused controversy, with parties distancing themselves from the senators’ actions and vowing to investigate further. The caretaker government is responsible for addressing the problems mentioned in the resolution and assuring that the elections take place on schedule. The parties are calling on the Supreme Court to intervene and prevent any delay in the elections.

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