Republicans are not raising as much money as Democrats from small donors. WinRed, a Republican fundraising platform, has been criticized for its high prices and automatically signing donors up for recurring donations.
Former senator Kelly Loeffler has started a new fundraising platform called DonateRight and a campaign staffing app called FieldRight to compete with WinRed. Loeffler argues that her platforms are more efficient and affordable.
FieldRight uses artificial intelligence to create walking routes for canvassers and flag potential fraudulent behavior. Loeffler has invested millions in RallyRight and has piloted both FieldRight and DonateRight in recent off-year elections.
Republicans hope that these platforms will help them catch up to Democrats’ field efforts and raise more money for state and local races. However, some users have raised concerns about the limitations of the platform, similar to issues faced by other fundraising platforms in the past.

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