The article is about the different schools the author visited and what they taught them about learning. Each school taught about a different type of learning, such as project-based learning, work-based learning, principles and habits of learning, and place-based learning. The article also mentioned how One Stone teaches students to work and make a difference in their community. It also talked about the unique student-led culture at One Stone. The school is inspired by empathy and powered by design thinking. The school is based on the unique student-led culture, and it focuses on forging an army of good for good. The school opened a high school called Lab51, which focuses on student-led culture. The students demonstrate and track their progress and focus on their passions and purpose through the school’s program. The article also mentioned that the author’s book “Difference Making at the Heart of Learning” was inspired by the program. The program invites learners into work that matters and retired its Executive Director in November.

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