Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa commented that Parliament understands Article 62(1)(f) better than the courts, which sets criteria for members of parliament to be “sadiq” and “ameen” (honest and righteous). The Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether disqualified lawmakers can contest polls. The case is being broadcast live on the court’s website. The dispute stems from a 2018 Supreme Court judgment on whether disqualification under Article 62(1)(f) is “permanent.” An amendment in June 2023 specified a five-year disqualification. The legal conundrum arose in a case of electoral disqualification and concerns the disqualification of lawmakers under Article 62(1)(f). During the hearing, the lawyers discussed previous judgments and the nature and duration of disqualifications. The CJP emphasized the need for logic in interpreting the Constitution and lamented the disregard for Pakistan’s constitutional history. The hearing also discussed the interface between Articles 62 and 63, moral turpitude, and the standard of proof required. The CJP highlighted that Parliament understands Article 62(1)(f) better and has formulated something good for the people of Pakistan. The AGP mentioned the need to determine the appropriate court and procedure for the declaration under Article 62(1)(f). Further discussion and proceedings are expected to follow.

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