The annual Contest Calendar is a powerful and popular event for teachers and tens of thousands of teenagers across the globe, who participate in creating various forms of content. The contests are hosted as a way to learn from young people about what moves, confuses, and delights them. There will be several new contests added this year, and they are focusing more on creativity and human connection rather than technology. Several content examples and submission form links have been provided for the contests. Various new contests and updates have been made including writing curriculum; students are invited to create documentary and story-based content, and other literary pieces. These contests are open to students aged 13 to 19 who are attending middle or high school. Students can participate in multiple contests if they choose, and students under the age of 19 who have completed high school can also enter. The winners of these contests will get their work published on The Learning Network, and the copyright for their work is theirs to keep.

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