The Supreme Court is hearing whether politicians should be banned for 5 years or for life. The debate is related to disqualifications under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution. The court aims to resolve this before the upcoming elections. In the past, former prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan were disqualified under this provision. There is confusion because of a 2018 Supreme Court judgment and a 2023 amendment to the Elections Act 2017. The court is also discussing whether there should be different punishments for parliamentarians for the same offence. The hearing is ongoing and the court has appointed senior counsel to assist. The debate revolves around the powers of the election tribunal and the Supreme Court to impose disqualifications. The debate also involves Islamic principles and the concept of repentance. The court aims to conclude the proceedings by January 11. The debate has created confusion for returning officers. The court will provide more updates soon.

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