The Sindh High Court’s election appellate tribunal accepted PTI Central Vice President Firdous Shamim Naqvi’s appeal against the rejection of his nomination papers for the Feb 8 polls. Naqvi, who is confined at home due to a case related to violent incidents, filed the appeal through his lawyer Jibran Nasir. Naqvi had filed three nomination papers from the same constituency, but they were rejected because his party had lost the electoral symbol. The tribunal accepted all three appeals and declared the objections to the papers illegal. During the hearing, the judge questioned the rejection of the papers based on the absence of a party symbol and asked about the stage at which a party symbol was needed according to the law. The objector argued that Naqvi’s affiliation to the PTI was not stated in the affidavit. The tribunal ultimately accepted Naqvi’s appeal, allowing him to represent his party and contest elections.

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