The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) told the Lahore High Court that there is no ban on broadcasting Imran Khan’s speeches. This revelation came during a hearing where Imran challenged Pemra’s decision to stop TV channels from airing his speeches. The ban was imposed after Imran criticized the former army chief, leading to his petition against Pemra. Imran’s lawyers and the government’s lawyer appeared in court, and Pemra confirmed there is no ban on his speeches. The court emphasized that Pemra should not pressure TV channels regarding the concerns raised by Imran. The case has been ongoing for a while with multiple hearings. Pemra had previously issued a prohibition order, stating that Imran’s speeches were spreading hate speech and allegations against state institutions. Imran challenged this order, arguing it violated his constitutional rights. He also pointed out that the meeting which passed the order did not have the required number of members for a quorum. Imran’s plea contended that Pemra’s order was illegal and against fundamental rights. In response to the court’s brief hearing, the petition was wrapped up.

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