The interim government has set up a special tribunal called the Telecommunication Appellate Tribunal to quickly solve legal issues related to Pakistan’s telecom sector. Caretaker Information Technology (IT) Minister Dr Umar Saif announced this in a video message. He stated that the telecom sector has been asking for a fast resolution to their court cases and disputes, which were delaying key decisions and investments. The tribunal aims to reduce the burden on high courts in dealing with technical matters. The caretaker minister also mentioned that amendments to the Telecom Act have been approved and the tribunal will work under a Presidential Ordinance. The Ministry of Law will nominate the tribunal’s chairperson and members. The tribunal will have a High Court judge or a lawyer with 15 years of experience as the chairperson and 2 technocrats as members. It will be required to make decisions on appeals against the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s decisions within 90 days. Last month, the Federal Board of Revenue set up a single portal committee for filing sales tax returns for the telecom sector in all tax jurisdictions.

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