LG Display is introducing a new 27-inch OLED display for high-end gaming monitors. This panel has a fast 0.03ms response time and a 480Hz refresh rate, making it one of the fastest in OLED displays. It’s even better than LG’s previous 32-inch model, which required a resolution downgrade for the same fast refresh rate. LG’s new display is set to compete with Samsung’s offering, which has a slightly lower refresh rate and resolution. LG’s panel comes with “META Technology” for improved brightness and wider viewing angles, and emits the lowest level of blue light in the industry. LG plans to release the new panel in the first half of this year and will showcase its full lineup of OLED gaming displays during CES 2024. With LG and Samsung both focusing on OLED panels with high refresh rates, we can expect to see more gaming monitors using this technology soon.

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