Japan plans to provide Ukraine with biofuel manufacturing technology to help the country recover from the war with Russia. The plan will be presented at a meeting in Tokyo next month. Japan is focusing on ways to aid in recovery and reconstruction, as it has a self-imposed ban on arms exports. The biofuel technology is expected to create a new industry in Ukraine and provide export products. In addition to biofuels, Japan is considering providing prosthetic legs made with 3D printing technology and technology for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Japan also plans to support the introduction of remote medical care and smart farming technologies in Ukraine. This support is part of Japan’s efforts to provide long-term support to Ukraine in the fields of energy, medical care, and infrastructure. The Japanese government has been surveying Ukraine’s needs ahead of the meeting, aiming to provide support with the help of private investments. Related coverage by Kyodo News Plus is also provided.

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