Coal is a resource used for energy, but it has contributed to climate change. A research effort has shown that coal can be used to make next-generation electronic devices. By processing coal into high-purity materials, it can be transformed into thin, high-performance electronics. The coal materials can be used to construct transistors and memristors for smaller, faster, and more efficient electronics. These devices can operate much quicker and use far less energy than traditional electronics.

The coal-derived carbon materials can be used as insulators for electronic devices like transistors and memristors. This allows for faster device operations with lower energy consumption. The research group has also shown that the coal-derived carbon materials allow for the fast formation of conductive filaments in memristors, enhancing data storage fidelity and reliability.

The next step is to show that these devices can be manufactured on a large scale. The University of Illinois will continue to collaborate with the National Energy Technology Laboratory to develop a fabrication process for coal-based carbon insulators that can be implemented in industrial settings.

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