The Dutch flower-growing industry has asked for the new post-Brexit border checks to be delayed until 2025 because they are worried about being ready for the changes. The UK government is planning to start the new paperwork requirements and physical inspections for EU businesses sending animal and plant products to the UK at the end of January and in April. The Dutch association of wholesalers in floricultural products (VGB) sent a letter to the UK government saying that they are concerned because computer systems are not fully ready. They also said the new requirements are coming into effect during a critical trading period and warned about potential delays at border inspections. The UK government has refused to delay the introduction of the new border. Trade and border experts, as well as international business groups, have expressed their concerns about the impact of the new border checks on trade between EU and the UK and the readiness of EU companies for the changes. The meat industry is also preparing for the changes. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said that technology and working with stakeholders would reduce the costs and minimize disruptions when enforcing the new border.

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