The Chief Justice of Pakistan is deciding if a lawmaker who has been disqualified should be banned for five years or for life. This is important because of the upcoming February 8 general elections. The debate is about an amendment in the Elections Act in 2017, a law that says lawmakers need to be honest and righteous. Some former prime ministers were disqualified under this law.

The issue arose from a previous court judgement about disqualification but in 2023, an amendment was made specifying a five-year disqualification.

During the court hearing, they also compared two different kinds of disqualification and asked why the punishment for the same offense was different. The court also appointed legal advisers to help.

The hearing also discussed if the Supreme Court could disqualify someone for life, and the debate got into the religious and ethical principles as well as questioning the power of the Supreme Court to make these decisions. The court wanted clarity before the elections to avoid confusion.

The hearing also talked about the historical context of the law and how the Parliament made changes to the law, including inserting time limits for disqualification, except for the lifetime disqualification.

More information will be provided later.

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