Adding a heat pump to your existing heating system can help reduce carbon emissions and save money, according to researchers and HVAC industry experts. Heat pumps run on electricity and are more efficient than traditional forms of heating. They can also provide cooling, which is increasingly necessary in a warming climate.

The concept of hybrid heating systems, which combine a heat pump with an existing furnace, is gaining attention. This is especially useful if your furnace is relatively new and you want air conditioning, or if you’re not ready to make a complete switch to an all-electric system.

In Canada, government incentives and rebates are available for adding a heat pump to an existing heating system. Hybrid systems can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, although the extent of the reduction depends on various factors like the local climate and size of the heat pump.

One potential disadvantage of a hybrid system is that it may not reduce emissions as much as going all-electric. Additionally, there are fixed monthly costs associated with being connected to gas. However, as technology improves and society transitions to lower carbon options, hybrid systems are seen as an intermediate step.

Overall, the decision to opt for a hybrid heating system or switch to an all-electric system depends on various factors, including the age of your current heating system and your environmental and financial goals.

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