U-tec has announced a new smart lock with a fingerprint reader. This lock supports Matter-over-Thread connectivity, which helps improve battery life and poor connectivity in smart locks. The lock is compatible with various smart home platforms and allows multiple ways to unlock the door.

U-tec is also launching new smart bulbs, switches, plugs, and security cameras, as well as a new app called U home to control all the new products. The company is expanding into the broader smart home market.

Matter is a new smart home interoperability standard that allows connected devices to communicate locally without needing a cloud connection. It is secure, private, and easy to set up. Matter is supported by major smart home platforms and device manufacturers.

In summary, U-tec is launching a range of new smart home products, including locks, lights, and security cameras, and they will all work with the new U home app. The company is also expanding into the broader smart home market with its new line of smart products.

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