The Supreme Court is hearing a petition about enforced disappearances. In response, there was a strike in Balochistan against state oppression and atrocities. Protesters are demanding the release of detained individuals, an investigation into rights violations, and an end to enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings. They are also calling for restrictions on the Counter-Terrorism Department and an end to “state-sponsored death squads”. The protesters fear a police crackdown and are facing difficulties in the cold weather. The Supreme Court is emphasizing the importance of the case and seeking a solution, but insists that all must accept responsibility. The court has requested concise points on potential legal actions regarding enforced disappearances. During the hearing, previous judgments were discussed and the role of intelligence agencies was mentioned. The court also asked for details about Baloch protesters who faced police action in Islamabad. Overall, the protesters are demanding justice and the Supreme Court is working to address their concerns.

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