The Peshawar High Court is considering a case about the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to cancel the PTI’s election symbol. The PTI’s symbol is a bat and the party saw Barrister Gohar Khan becoming the PTI chairman. The court suspended the ECP’s decision to cancel the PTI’s symbol and is reserving its verdict.

The ECP has filed a review petition against the court’s decision to suspend their ruling. The ECP argued that the court’s decision was outside of its jurisdiction and that the issues raised were within the commission’s purview. The ECP’s counsel has filed two applications in the high court, one requesting to recall the interim relief and the other to form a two-member special bench to hear the matter.

During the hearing, the judge inquired about the Supreme Court’s orders regarding high court directives. The ECP’s lawyer appeared in court and mentioned that the SC had suspended a previous high court decision. The judge also stated that he could not issue an order in the case as it was fixed before a division bench on Jan 9.

The ECP has argued that disputed questions of facts cannot be resolved while exercising jurisdiction under Article 199 of the Constitution. The court has reserved its verdict on the matter.

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