The federal Office of Management and Budget has made recommendations to restrict the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) by federal agencies, including law enforcement. The proposed guidance includes the need for law enforcement to provide evidence that A.I. tools will not cause harm or violate people’s rights. The use of emerging technologies in law enforcement without transparency or consideration of consequences has resulted in harm and biases, particularly against black individuals.

The proposed guidance requires agencies to be transparent about A.I. use, assess the costs and benefits, identify and reduce risks, and solicit public comment. Some concerns about the proposed guidance include provisions for waivers and exceptions, potential loopholes, and the focus only on federal government agencies but not state and local law enforcement.

The authors hope that the proposed guidance, if enforced strictly, will lead to progress in the responsible use of emerging technologies in law enforcement. They call for a higher standard at the federal level and urge state and local governments to follow similar practices. The authors believe that creating backdoor exceptions to the proposed standards would undermine the progress envisioned.

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