The year 2023 has been a historic one for Pakistan, with many achievements by women, minorities, and athletes. Renowned mountaineer Naila Kiani became the first Pakistani woman to summit 10 peaks above 8,000 metres, while other mountaineers also achieved remarkable feats. In sports, Pakistani cricketers and athletes made history with their performances. In entertainment, artists like Arooj Aftab and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy set new records. The article also highlighted the significant strides made by women and minorities in Pakistan, with many ‘firsts’ being achieved across various fields. These include women taking up leadership roles in legal, political, and sports organizations, and transgender individuals being included in government programs. The article also touched on the representation of the Pakistani diaspora abroad, with diplomats and individuals achieving significant milestones. Overall, the year 2023 has been marked by many historic achievements by Pakistani women, minorities, and athletes.

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