After being closed for more than two months due to severe weather damage, Clarence Drive (R44) in the Western Cape has reopened to traffic. The road will operate as a one-way with up to seven stop-and-go points for drivers. Significant landslips and rockslides caused the closure of the road in September. The repairs are ongoing, but the road is safe for one-way traffic. There will likely be closures at set times or for several days at a time as the repairs continue. The cost of repairing the road and the Palmiet River Bridge is projected to be around R80 million, with an expected completion date by the end of the third quarter of 2024. Other roads in the Western Cape were also closed or damaged by the September floods. A national disaster declaration was issued to the Western Cape after the floods caused extensive damage to infrastructure. The province had already received a disaster declaration following severe flooding in May and June. The estimated damages from the May/June floods were around R700 million.

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