The documentary Without Leaving Anyone Behind examines the use of fossil fuels in developing countries. The filmmakers are Harrie Vredenburg, a University of Calgary professor, and Sylvester Ndumbi, a Calgary-based producer. The film was screened at COP28 in Dubai and is being screened at the United Nations. Vredenburg emphasizes the importance of renewables, hydrogen, carbon capture, and nuclear power. The film explores how leaders in developing countries are using fossil fuels to raise people out of poverty. Vredenburg advocates for technology transfers to help developing countries decarbonize their fossil fuel industry. Sylvester Ndumbi, the Calgary director, wants people from the Global South to tell their story and shares concerns about changing the language around climate change. He aims to move away from a Global North “prescription mentality.” Ndumbi emphasizes the importance of seeking different perspectives and realities around the world.

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