The Asian Development Bank approved $155.5 million in financing for Pakistan to support policy reforms enhancing women’s access to finance and providing credit to women-led micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. This includes a $100 million policy-based loan, a $50 million financial intermediation loan, and a $5.5 million grant. The ADB aims to transform Pakistan’s financing ecosystem to help women access finance and empower them to boost their livelihoods while contributing significantly to the economy. Currently, female labor force participation in Pakistan stands at only 23%, with a low rate of women’s entrepreneurship at 4%. The ADB supports reforms that incorporate women’s needs into national policies and measures enabling women’s access to credit through digital channels, financial training, and advisory services. The $50 million financial intermediation loan is expected to benefit around 2 million women entrepreneurs, including about 510,000 who previously had no access to finance. The $5.5 million grant from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) will finance activities such as the development of financial literacy programs and a digital platform that links women to financial services.

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