SK Group has formed an alliance with Korean energy firms and business groups to expand the voluntary carbon market. This alliance will allow carbon emitters to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits. A total of 11 institutions and enterprises signed a memorandum of understanding for the “Environmental Protection Credit Market” at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Participants include SK Inc., SK E&S, EcoSecurity, Shinhan Investment Corp, PwC Consulting, and others. This new market features a pretrading system where certification centers issue carbon credits based on carbon reduction technologies, allowing tech firms to secure funding in advance. The signatories plan to issue the first Environmental Protection Credits in 2024 and officially launch the initiative at COP29 next year. SK Group aims to promote early commercialization of carbon reduction technologies and facilitate trading of the Environmental Protection Credits. They believe this initiative will incentivize companies with innovative technologies and engage in robust carbon reduction efforts to address global climate change. Additionally, there are some script tags related to Facebook integration.

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