Nawaz Sharif, leader of the PML-N party, discussed the need to improve relationships with Pakistan’s neighboring countries. He emphasized the importance of strong ties with India, Afghanistan, Iran, and China. He also criticized the current government for its handling of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the country’s coal resources.

Nawaz Sharif expressed concerns about the mismanagement of the economy and high inflation rates, attributing these issues to the current government’s governance. He also questioned why his party had been ousted from power in the past.

He highlighted his party’s commitment to addressing issues such as poverty, unemployment, and underdevelopment, and called for accountability of those responsible for the country’s current situation.

Sharif also emphasized the importance of not just seeking power through elections but also considering the country’s welfare and holding those accountable for the state of affairs.

Overall, Nawaz Sharif stressed the need for improved diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, criticized the current government’s economic management, and called for accountability for the country’s situation.

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