LG Energy Solution has signed an agreement with Polish battery manufacturer Impact Clean Power Technology (ICPT) to supply 200,000 battery modules for commercial electric vehicles in Europe. ICPT operates the GigafactoryX near Warsaw, producing batteries for electric buses and trucks. LG Energy Solution will supply the modules over three years, powering about 3,000 commercial EVs. ICPT will assemble the modules into battery packs for delivery to Polish vehicle manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach.

The commercial EV market is growing, and batteries for these vehicles require advanced technology due to the long distances and tough weather conditions they need to operate in. Both LG Energy Solution and ICPT are excited about the partnership and are confident that it will bring advanced products and systems to the commercial EV market. This deal proves the advanced battery technology in the European commercial EV market.

The partnership aims to provide world-class customer value and secure a competitive edge in the commercial EV market, which is known for its high entry barriers. The deal is a significant step for both companies, and it demonstrates their commitment to the growing European market for commercial electric vehicles.

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