The article explores the importance of autonomous machine computing (AMC) in the competition between China and the United States. It focuses on the state of AMC research in China, examining research output, talent pool development, and financial commitments. In terms of research output, China still lags behind the U.S. and its allies. However, it has made significant progress in the past decade and could catch up in the next ten years with continued government funding. In terms of talent pool development, China has a large pool of semiconductor engineers but lags behind in quality compared to the U.S. due to lower average salaries and less international talent. The U.S. has also made a more comprehensive financial commitment to support its semiconductor industry through the CHIPS Act, while China has focused on investing in advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Despite current gaps in research capability and talent pool, China may achieve self-sufficiency in AMC and transition to the autonomy economy, given its large domestic market for autonomous machines and continued progress in research.

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